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Dr. John Ellison is an ER doctor. He and his wife Samantha have a 10-year-old son, Oliver. Their daughter, Becky, died when she was 8-years-old. 

As he’s passing a park, a young boy, Antoine, is shot during a gang related shooting. He gets out to save Antoine when the shooters drive back for another shot. John picks up a gun someone else dropped and shoots and kills the driver. 

At the ER, John and Nurse Gretchen Polk treat a domestic abuse victim. When the woman refuses help, Gretchen gets angry that John won’t do more. Later John realizes that another patient is likely there to kill Antoine and tries to stop him. He calls the police but they don’t take him seriously.

John gets a phone call from Antoine’s father, a gang member who is in prison. He says the Mexican gang is staking out the hospital and plans to kill Antoine tonight and that John needs to save him, or else. 

John gets Gretchen to help. He fakes the domestic abuse victim’s test results to get her admitted so that she has to spend time with social services. In return, Gretchen helps him sneak Antoine out of the hospital. In order for Antoine to get out safely, John has to attack the gang members waiting in the lobby in order to distract them. Afterwards he is sent to therapy.

John tells the therapist everything and in order to save Antoine’s life, she keeps his secret. Later that night, someone breaks into John’s home. It’s the guy from the park who left Antoine behind. They want an update on Antoine. When they hear he’s ok, they give John a phone with a picture a gang member from he hospital. He’s dead. If John needs anything, he can use the phone to call. 

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Complications Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Nobody's going to say they believe in violence Nobody who’s not a sociopath, I guess.

Dr. John Ellison

We act like people die at the hospital. Some do, of course but for most of them there's a last moment when they could have been saved. That moment is long gone by the time they get here.

Dr. John Ellison