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One year ago, John and Samantha take their 8-year-old daughter Rebecca to the hospital for more chemotherapy treatments but she doesn’t want to go. She's tired of the pain. John convinces her to be brave and that he’ll be right there with her. 

Back to the present, the police are at his home due to the break-in. He calls Gretchen to check on Antoine’s status. Gretchen convinces him not to tell the police anything about the identity of the intruders in order to protect his family. 

At the hospital, Bridget is asked to evaluate all of John’s cases from the night of the incident where he attacked the gang members in order to avoid any lawsuits. Gretchen is concerned. She tries to pay off Holden in records to access Hillary's files but Bridget already has them. 

Gretchen then tries to get Hillary, the patient with the fake Menningitis to lie about her symptoms. At first she tries to blackmail Gretchen for $10,000 but then she relents and goes along with the story. In return, Gretchen offers to try and get her stuff back from her boyfriend. 

John goes to Ansley Surgical center to check on Antoine who is there as a John Doe but finds he’s not in his room. He’s not anywhere. John uses the phone to ask if someone from the gang took him. They haven’t. 

With the help of a nurse, John realizes that Antoine was scared and snuck off. They find him bleeding in the basement but save his life. He becomes registered under a new name. 

John tells the gang he wants out of this situation. He's told two members of the rival gang were killed when they thought that Antoine was missing. John is out when they say he's out.

Gretchen calls John from Hillary's boyfriends apartment. She went to get HIllary's things but something went wrong. Holden is with her and he's covered in blood.

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Complications Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

If you want your family safe, you keep your mouth shut.


It's a favor when you do it for free. When you do it for 250 milligrams of hydrocodone, it's a job.