Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 2 online now and watch a small mining town in Pennsylvania be tormented by an angry spirit. John and the mysterious Zed finally meet and work together to solve the case.

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Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 2 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, which allow you to see the first interaction between John and psychic Zed. The two team up to stop an ancient spirit from tormenting a small mining town in Pennsylvania. The map Liv left behind warns Constantine that something supernatural is taking place in Pennsylvania. The boss from the local mine catches fire in his shower. John arrives in town and it isn't long before he bumps into Zed. She instantly recognizes him and he is a bit creeped out by the encounter. At the man's wake John is told there have been several other mining accidents lately. John decides to snoop around the house and takes a sample of sludge from the shower. In the bathroom he encounters the man's widow. He notices he doesn't seem particularly affected by her husband's death. It was not a happy marriage she tells John before coming on to him. He attempts to leave but is confronted by the owner of the mine. Apparently everyone is aware there is a presence deep in the mine. Zed managed to swipe John's wallet earlier and he finds her waiting in his hotel room. She claims to have visions, and he puts those visions to the test. Using a drop of sludge from the shower causes Zed to experience what the victim did. She also sees a tall cross. John visits a small church and gets a feel for the spirit in the town while Zeb meets a disillusioned priest. The man had lost his son in the mine. John and Zeb visit the mine and when he corners the owner's son in his car it begins to fill with mud. Zeb saves John but the young man dies. The duo locate the priest and learn it's the bosses that are being killed off. At the mine the owner is attacked and killed, John decides to blow the mine. None of this makes sense because the spirits are supposed to protect the miners. John remembers the widow from earlier and something she said leads him to believe she's a gypsy. He soon learns his hunch was correct and summons the spirit of her dead husband to finish her off.

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On Constantine Season 1 Episode 2, John makes a new ally in the mysterious Zed and they work to drive out a spirit in a small mining town in Pennsylvania.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Zed: It's you. You're you.
Constantine: That observation always ends in the same way and it's never in my favor.
Zed: I dream about you. I was starting to believe you weren't real. Who are you?

Constantine: You saw the fire.
Zed: Was that the man in town who was burning?
Constantine: What else did you see?
Zed: A tall cross.
Constantine: Alright, you did a cracking job. Well we're on to something you and me.