Taking It Personally - Conviction
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Sam is approached by a reporter to come clean about Hayes' arrest. Sam doesn't confess the truth about Hayes.

Hayes decides its time to take on a case Wallace worked on. 

The groups selects the Prospect 3. Three young men charged with the rape of a woman.

Hayes and team believe the boys had a tampered confession. 

Hayes' mom comes to visit her at work for a photo opportunity. But tells Hayes how proud she is of her.

Wallace holds a press conference to alert the media on Prospect 3. He tells the crowd it was his idea for the conviction unit to work on the case.

Hayes' realizes her mom only came to the office to spy on her, and tell Wallace about the case.

Hayes confronts her mom, but her mom insists she doesn't know how to "only," be a mother.

In investigating the crime the team reveals the victim was never raped. She went to a party before she was attacked, and had consensual sex. The victim didn't want anyone to know, because her partner was married.

The team also proves the timeline couldn't have placed the boys at the scene. Digging deeper into the case they realize not all the boys are innocent.

Hayes' works with Wallace to uncover one of the boys committed the crime by himself. The boy finally admits he committed the crime alone.

The team wins another victory and two boys get released from jail. 



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Check mate.


I'm never sleeping with someone already in bed with my mother.