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When Jules decides she can double count one of her dates with Josh, she realizes she's on her ninth date.  The next one they're having sex!  She tries to spend the next day getting ready for sex because apparently at forty that's an entire day of mani-pedis, waxing, etc to get ready.  However, when everyone's emergencies start coming up, Jules is forced to cram everything and the sex doesn't turn out that well.  She realizes she needs to stop living her life for everyone else and when her and Josh try for round two, she becomes the boss and its awesome.

Meanwhile, Jules starting to live her own life turns out well for Travis and Bobby.  Bobby, who recenty moved onto a land-locked boat, initially tries to get Jules to help him when Travis is embarassed by him.  However, when Jules is unavailable, Bobby steps it up and has his own talk with Travis, which goes surprisingly well and the two bond.  Heck, Travis even says I love you to him.

Oh and when Jules guilts Grayson into having breakfast with his latest floosie, he realizes just how dumb the girl is.  Oh, character development alert... Grayson may want more out of his women!

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Barb: I know I'm being really rude, but I'm really hungry and if you're not gonna eat that...
Jules: My omelet?
[Barb points to Josh]

Ellie: Great, the girl with three toe rings finds it funny
Laurie: Hey one of them is a tattoo