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Jules and Bobby learn that Travis has been lying to them about being on Spring Break from college. He’s actually dropped out due to his heartbreak over Kirsten breaking up with him. Jules tells him either he goes back to school or he has to move out and get a job.

Despite Jules thinking she can dish out tough love Travis ends up using her in an effort to stay out of college a little longer. Jules eventually toughens up and kicks Travis out. Travis ends up living on Bobby’s boat because Bobby now has an apartment of his own.

Bobby, Andy, and Laurie decide to sell their Penny Can business to Smith’s father, Richard, to better their livelihoods. Roger turns Penny Can into Lou Diamond Phillips Penny Can which can move, climb walls, and light up.

Elsewhere, Ellie and Grayson meet the creepy, home schooled Chalk Children who draw disturbing chalk pictures on their driveways. Tom warns them that if they wash the drawings off the children will never forget. In order to get rid of the children, Ellie, Grayson, and Tom scare them off.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Ellie: Hello Tom, to what do we owe the creepy displeasure?
Tom: Jules left her curtains open. That's how she signals me to come over.

Well don't try to stop me if I'm Vogueing on top of a cab.