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When the high school gym floods, the cul de sac crew decides to let the kids have their prom at Gray's Pub. Laurie and Jules get all dressed up and excited, but everyone else is less than enthused. 

At prom, Jules and Laurie prepare for a spectacular evening, but Laurie looses her urge to party when Jules reminds her that she's a mom. 

Meanwhile, Andy remember his own prom, when he allowed his best friend to be pantsed in front of the entire school. When he overhears a group of jocks planning to pull the same prank, he enlists Ellie's help to ensure history doesn't repeat itself. 

In the back room, Grayson and Travis find two boys fighting over the same girl. They try to help solve the problem, but both of them take a different boy's side.

Laurie ends up bailing on Jules, who gets trapped inside a dance circle. 

Andy approaches the nerds at prom, quickly and efficiently sneaking them out of the dance for their own safety. Ellie goes after the cool kids, directing them out to the parking lot with fake promises of booze and cigarettes. 

Jules has a heart to heart with Laurie, who admits she is afraid of being a "party girl mom" like her mother was. 

Back with the boys, Grayson and Travis argue over who should get the girl, both bringing their personal bias into the mix. The kids solve the debate on their own, leaving the adults behind. 

On the dance floor, Andy notices one of the boys Grayon and Travis "helped" approaching a group of girls. The jocks behind him clearly plan to pants him, so Andy dives in to save him and ends up getting pantsed himself. The kids all laugh, but Ellie is proud of his sacrifice. 

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

My baby has no shot at a normal life.


Jules: Please don't get pregnant!
Laurie: Sometimes 'I love you' is just a trick to get your dress off!