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A dude and Lotte are coming through the other side. Someone is cleaning up the safe house and kills the fellow showing them the apartment. Now they have to clean it again.

OHoward goes to meet with Andre. He doesn't recognize him, but when they play, Andre wonders if he's been taking lessons. OHoward wins. Or could have. When he realizes his mistake, he fudges the game.

Heinrich gets ready to greet a customer only to discover it's clare. His face drops. She wants to know what he said to OHoward. He's not going to tell her because he knows it won't make any difference. He's dead.

Howard goes to see Anna and is greeted by a man, her boyfriend, perhaps. She won't see him.

He goes to the location where he plays Go. It's empty, but familiar. He sits and Alexandar Pope walks up. He knows it's Howard.

Pope made OHoward into the man he is today. Howard is told not to place any trust into OEmily, as she is the person who ruined OHoward. Pope gives him advice about Emily, the lamp post and says he's just like OHoward said -- plain.

OHoward discovers Howard's friend has a name other than Andre and is attempting to visit Emily at the hospital. He follows him home.

When Howard confronts OEmily, he askes if she does what OHoward does, but she also knows his Emily was doing the same thing she is.

Baldwin makes a connection with a waitress at a coffee shop who gives her more food than she orders.

Quayle and Aldrich meet with Alice, a defector from the other side they are allowing to live in a house for the information she had on the other side. It's the first time he so much as cracks the lips on his face.

A flu epidemic in the early '90s wiped out 7% of the world's population on the other side. That's when OEmily started taking drugs. Howard is on a mission to get an address on a pouch to discover who Lambert is working with.

OHoward is breaking into Andre's apartment to see who the hell the guy is. My guess is he's OEmily's lover.

OHoward finds a duffel in the ceiling full of money and a gun. There are folders inside, too. Rendition files?

Alice shares information about The School with Quayle. Private money operates a school for children. They are brought up ready for the other side and integrated later. An agent named Shadow.

Things get really weird when the other Alice walks in. They both live with the same man and live together with him. They even speak of him with the exact same phrases.

When OHoward confronts Andre, he pisses himself and the truth comes out. Love.

The three new agents arrive for their orders. Lotte says it's an honor to meet Clare, so she must be a big deal. She also says she was a year behind her and "she" talks about her a lot. They went to the school together?

OHoward is disappointed in Emily. He thought she was better than OEmily.

When Howard arrives back at the sparse apartment, Anna is there.

Howard asks Anna to pretend he's not him, the negligent father who ruined everything and to stay, telling him everything he's missed.

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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Clare: What did you tell Howard Silk?
Heinrich: It won't make a difference, will it?
Clare: If you somehow compromised me or my associates, there are things that must be made right.
Heinrich: When I tell you, what happens?
Clare: You've already chosen your side.
Heinrich: A decade here, three on the other side. You know what I know? There are no sides. We all go to the same hell.

All these years with you, I'm still out in the cold.

OHoward [to Emily]