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OHoward gives to a man in the street a file that is then fed along to others. They have quite the operation going on on this side of the crossing.

Howard is giving OHoward a rundown of his life while packing. He doesn't fully understand the idea behind switching lives.

OHoward is surprised at how boring Howard is to the point of being disappointed.

OHoward can't believe Howard's only friend in the city is a dude he met the night Emily was admitted to the hospital nor that he never even cheated on her. When they start playing cards, even that is disappointed.

Clare wants to know what Baldwin revealed when she was in police custody.

Howard prepares to leave for the other side knowing nothing about OHoward's life because there is a guy there who will tell him everything. Yet even as he's leaving, he shakes Quayle's only to discover they don't shake hands on the other side. It's a germ thing.

As frightening as it can be to go through customs and immigration, Howard was doing it with no information. He gets locked in OHoward's apartment until OHoward's daughter shows up with news that OEmily is in the hospital.

OHoward, meanwhile, walks out of Howard's job when he feels demeaned.

Claude Lambert (underwear man) has a clandestine meeting with Clare at the massage parlor.

Howard has another hospitalized Emily to visit. This one, though, can react. She's surprised when Howard gives her a glass of water. That's not like OHoward. Shaw arrives and wonders why OHoward told her to light a candle at St. Christopher's. Stay the fuck away.

OHoward can't believe Quayle is eyeing women when he's married to a director's daughter. When Quayle says nothing gets past him, OHoward opens up about Agent Emily being his contact reaching out to him because things on Quayle's floor weren't going well. Oh, yeah, that happened.

OHoward visits an old friend from his side who is now a butcher here. A gift of their alcohol, which apparently isn't like home.

OEmily sees right through Howard because OHoward would never have visited her at the hospital, accompanied her home, nor lent her his coat. Finishing up by iniviting Anna over for dinner was only going to attract more attention to them all.

Baldwin wants to finish her kill list. Clare assures her she's not alone in feeling befreft after meeting and seeing her other die. Baldwin kisses her and things get confusing.

Howard cooks dinner and the discussion is sweet, confusing the hell out of Anna who is sick of being the parent to her parents.

An assassin is after Baldwin, but she does quick work of the man. Most strangely, where is Clare?

Howard shares with OEmily his pregnancy with Emily didn't take. Their Anna, same name, didn't take and apparently they didn't try again.

OHoward feels exposed. He thinks the best bet is to be Howard and lay low. Neither he nor Quayle can believe he never knew Emily was an agent. Loyalty was his biggest flaw. His too, OHward says.

Howard is sitting in Anna's room while OHoward peeks into the room Howard said was not a bedroom. He looks into the box marked "Anna" and sees sonogram pictures. There but for the grace of God...

In the morning, Howard is leaving OEmily a note. She suggests they work together to help "him." Would that be strange? They laugh togeher, the first time either of them has smiled that large showing the connection the Howards and Emilys have had through the years.

Meeting OEmily gave Howard confidence he didn't previously. He checks in with Raash. He'll be going on a walk to wherever he damn well pleases.

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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You know, they say it's so great to meet yourself. Bullshit. It's like losing your virginity, you know? You wait your whole life for it and then 20 seconds later you're disappointed.


OHoward: Howard, what are you doing in there? Packing? Are you packing?
Howard: You said it might be a week.
OHoward: You're going to be living in MY life. [Howard just stares back at him] Forget it.