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A man falls out of a window at night while fireworks play in the night sky. As the police roll up, citizens stand around with face masks on. Is it flu season?

A girl is on the bathroom floor of the room the from which the man jumped. There is a bag of money where he was, credentials, etc., all pointing to "the other side." A guy says something went wrong with the deal, Balkan is gone. While he's chit chatting on his phone, the girl is slicing the throat of his partner and assuring whoever is on the phone he'll take the girl to them. Instead he gets a bullet to the forehead and she makes off with the credentials bag.

Howard silk is playing a board game with a man and loses.

Howard works at the Office of Interchange. In the morning, He opens a briefcase across from another man who reads him a line. He matches up the line and they read back and forth. When they are through, he replaces the document into the briefcase and leaves.

Howard is interviewing for a new job. He's been on the job for 29 years and has made a royal designation for three years. The fellow asks about his wife, where he lives. He wants to work in Strategy. He's an interface man, though.

There was a non-approved exchange during his work in the morning. When he told the man across from him in the little office that he had a spot on his tie may have gotten him in trouble. It definitely didn't get him the job in strategy. Most frightening, Howard doesn't have any idea what they do at his office or why telling the guy he has a spot on his tie would make a lick of difference.

The man says if it hasn't happened in 30 years, it's not going to happen. A younger man Howard often kids around with got the job. Howard just wants to go home, not celebrate.

Or, to the hospital, where Howard's wife lay in a coma. He delivers her Alstreomerias. Her son, apparently, wants her removed from the hospital and moved to long-term care. Howard has a new book to read to her, instead.

The next morning, Howard goes to work, but his card no longer works. He's shaken, taken to a room full of reel-to-reel tape recorders and metal tables. A fellow from "housekeeping" is there, as well as the guy who interviewed him the day before. Someone worked in from the other side, but Howard has no idea what the hell he's talking about.

When the man is brought in with a bag over his face, Howard is told not to panic. It's another Howard, a Other Howard. He'll be back tomorrow and in the meantime, maybe someone should read in the uncool version of him. Poor Howard is holding his head in his hands.

Quayle explains the crossing. Thirty years ago, eastern scientists conducted an experiment in their building that failed, creating a crossing into another world. As time continued, their double world began to branch off more and more over time. They trade information, gather intelligence, ultimately keeping a lid on it. Outside the building, pretty much nobody knows about it, even "world leaders" knowing are murky.

After the name Emily Silk is dropped, Quayle tells Howard to go back to work, she'll be safe. That hardly seems like a something Howard can do.

Howard takes more flowers to Emily, and the nurses remark on his sad, but kind eyes.

The guy who received the promotion is at a bar. He's with the girl from the hotel room. She shoots him.

Howard is playing the board game again. He talks about being who they are coming down to choices. The other guy disagrees. Howard says he's too young.

Other Howard returns to this side and Quayle tells him the newly promoted dude was killed. He knows the girl who killed him. Baldwin, a contract assassin. While he's chatting with the higher ups, Howard is fetching coffee. They hardly read him in to the point he needed.

Howard is worried about his side because things in his government have reached a boiling point. He's not sure why, but their side has been picking off this side, and Other Howard isn't sure why. I know why! He has to be Howard to try to take down Baldwin. The other guys leave the Howards to get acquainted.

They don't go in depth enough about Howard's routine at the hospital, such as the flowers in the vase or saying hello to the nurses.

Howard wants to ask questions to OHoward.

Howard wonders about favorite music, favorite food, while OHoward wonders why Howard never got out of interface.

Their relationships with Emily were different. Howard had a wedding. OHoward eloped. Howard was excited hoping there was another Emily since there was another him, only to learn she died of cancer.

Howard recalls at the last minute to get flowers but doesn't remember to put one in the nurses' vase.

OHoward strides right past the nurses station as Talia removes one of the flowers from the vase waiting for her new one. He doesn't straight away put the flowers into the vase.

Her brother, Eric, wants the contract while OHoward is in there. He puts up the fight Howard wouldn't. In the middle of that conversation comes Baldwin. OHoward tosses Eric into a chair. Sit, stay, shut up. Killer on the way. It's quite the night for Emily and Eric.

The first thing Baldwin notices is that there is no flower in the vase. Howard fucked up. OHoward is going to be very unhappy.

Nothing like a shootout in the coma ward.

Even worse? Aldrich handcuffs Howard to the headrest of the car.

She makes her way down to the car and almost gets into it with Howard until OHoward shoots her. Howard couldn't even duck down thanks to the asshole Aldrich.

Howard demands something be done so that he either gets the promotion or they figure something else out because they need him.

OHoward meanwhile, is listening to the same song over there. And his Emily slides into the bar booth. She's alive.

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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I have a new book. 'You, you, only you exist.'


Howard, why do you think I brought you in on this? For your great tactical skill, your great knowledge of this whole fuckin' thing? I need to pretend to be you, take Baldwin out myself.