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Howard must work together with Howard Prime. Baldwin comes face to face with her past. Emily Prime tries to make sense of her orders. Aha! Starz is calling them Prime. Emily Prime has come to Howard Prime for a rendition order. She wants to know why he's been crossing over and until then, she'll continue with the retrieval.

Howard Prime says he's unarmed just before he stuffs pieces of a napkin into his ears and gets into a car with the Bulgarians. He grabs one of their guns and kills them quite handily.

Howard Prime wonders what's up with regard to the murders he committed the night before. A guy he's meeting with says he's either killed three guys who were carrying out a routine rendition or there was no rendition, in which case, well, someone was trying to murder him.

He goes somewhere to get a travel pass, apparently to the other side. His "visa" is for 36 hours. It's interesting since the other side doesn't know about them at all.

Emily Prime is getting called to task about her rendition call. There wasn't a rendition order, but three men from her team are dead.

They wonder if this is another Istanbul and order blood and urine.

OHoward arrives back to the nonprime side and calls the guy I wasn't calling other Howard Other Howard. Hmmm. This is going to be confusing.

Howard has received a promotion, but he has no idea what the fuck he's doing, as usual. The good news is Howard Prime wants him with them.

The Howards meet only to discover they are wearing the same damn shirt. Prime cannot believe it.

Howards are watching Nadja, Baldwin's counterpart, play violin to understand her better.

Someone comes in to talk to Baldwin. She tells her about the Howards knowing her name. The standard course of action is to kill her counterpart. It's not going to be easy since they share a past. Baldwin shrugs it off. She can do it.

Memories of Nadja's past, playing violin in her bare feet, the bird tweeting, her grandfather ? tapping madly as if he's one of those ticking tonal thingies. Nadja drinking at a bar afterward, doing the same hard fingertip tap to score another shot.

OHoward goes in with flowers and the name of another musician.

OEmily is screwing a black man and smoking a cigarette.

OHoward is chatting up Nadja using the failed father routine as a conversation starter.

While OHoward is chatting up Nadja, Baldwin arrives at her apartment to settle in to kill her.

When the group discovers Baldwin is going after Nadja, they inform the guy keeping an eye on OHoward and Nadja. Meanwhile, Baldwin is making a call to police about what she's about to do.

OHoward is asking about the barefoot performance and staying with the violin despite her dead father. What else could she be?

Both daughters are recalling their drunk father falling into the subway tracks and their way out of their miserable life.

As the authorities arrive, Baldwin pulls a ski mask over her face.

The police burst into the room and pull Nadia out of the bar. Baldwin kills the officers and Nadia rests on teh ground in front of her. They both recall the moment her father died. Instead of killing herself, Baldwin runs, taking herself with her.

Baldwin is going to dress up Nadia up as her and send her out on the stage so she doesn't have to kill her.

Baldwin uncovers her face and Nadia laughs, thinking she's losing her mind. She thinks the other has been sent to punish her. Baldwin assures her what they did they did together. She then looks at Nadia's arm, and sees she's has been cutting. In the melee that follows, Nadia is shot and killed in front of Howard.

Baldwin gives up.

Howard leaps off the couch and punches Aldrich in the face. The Howards are getting closer, and OHoward wants to rely on Howard rather on an incompetent like Aldrich.


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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You cannot escape who you are.


Howard: I just don't understand how we can really be...I mean, is your world really that different from mine?
OHoward: That's a conversation you really don't want to have.