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Berlin, 1997, The Other Side

Clare's parents died as a part of the flu epidemic, and she joins the school.

She wants to go home, but it's not possible as her parents are dead. Her teacher tells her to shed the skin of her past, to grow a new one, thick with anger.

Clare makes a friend with a boy named Spencer. He has braces. He doesn't even need braces, but he has them because his shadow has them. What? They haven't told her?

Clare is taken out of her class in the middle of the day. A surgeon awaits. A doctor wants to prep anesthesia, but the teacher says she needs to be kept conscious.

They are going to have to break her legs, and it will hurt, badly. They still have not told her about the "shadows."

After her legs have been broken and repaired without anesthesia, Clare is given photos of the other Clare with her father.

When Clare is told about the other side, she is also told that side created the flu to try to destroy her side and that someday in the future, she will go to that side to hurt them for everything they did to her parents and for everything they did to their side.

Today, Quayle is still trying to figure out the coffee stains before his birthday party. He empties his thermidor as an excuse to send Clare to buy more cigars and calls OHoward.

OHoward finds a cyanide pill. It's time they talk about his wife.

In 1997, Clare is learning everything about Clare while as a student she is learning everything about their world and why she'd want to destroy the other.

Clare gets too close to Spencer and he's called up, so they say. She's punished for it and congratulated for suffering.

OHoward is trying to get to the bottom of things, and Quayle can't come to terms with the idea that it might be Clare. She wears cashmere and cooks poached salmon.

Then Quayle realizes the access code to his safe is the same as his mobile. He's fucked. They've had access to everything because of him.

OHoward wants to use her being burned to their advantage.

Clare was still other there teaching in the school when she was an adult. It was in 1996 when things became different. Over here they outlawed tobacco in 1999 in European countries, our cell phones are better and pigs still run free.

Clare learns about her placement when the other Clare gets engaged. They've never placed an asset that high. She will be the one who changes everything.

Alexander Pope is the person in charge of all placements on the other side. Claude Lambert is the sole lifeline on the other side, and he's in the same apartment where the three came over and killed the guy upon arrival.

Lambert hands her a cyanide pill. It needs to be changed out every 12 months, and if she's found out she's to consider it her means of escape.

Clare begins spying on her other, learning to emulate her behavior and the way she speaks.

She's like an unemotional robot, mimicking what the "real" Clare says. It's freaky.

Clare was there when her other lost her virginity. Peter was actually sweet about it, asking if she wanted to get on top to make it better for her. That was unexpected.

Clare goes to a bar to get her "cherry popped" and even sits on the guy to make it similar.

The party is awkward. Peter makes a speech, thanking his wonderful wife, Clare. He wonders how many birthdays they sat together and begins quizzing her in front of the guests.

Clare is checking out the wedding tables and making sure she knows everything about the guests when a fight breaks out between the real Clare and Peter. She's run out of time when real Clare walks out on him.

Claude delivers the news the operation is a go and to patch it up immediately.

Clare hires a team who bumbles it. Real clear breaks free, the team is spotted and Clare has to strangle herself to death in her car as she struggles to survive.

The look on her face isn't one of giving a shit, though.

At the birthday party, Clare is sitting between her fake parents reminiscing about the broken legs. Peter walks away.

When the house is empty, Clare goes into Peter's office and finds the drawer full of cigars. Now she knows something is up.

Quayle doesn't go along with it to take advantage. He confronts her. Did I ever even fuck my real wife??

Clare plays Peter as the baby cries in the background. She says she let the pill expire when he tosses it in her face. All her life, she never had anything, but things are different now.

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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Teacher: Listen, dear, there is no easy way to say this, but we're going to have to break your legs, and it will hurt, badly.
Clare: Is it because I read that library book?

It's time to shed the skin of your past, grow a new one, thick with anger.