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A guy gets a call from Pope about the Dry Cleaners. He freaks out a bit and runs to the teacher of the Indigo school.

Oh my God. They're going to kill all the kids and get rid of all the evidence. That's what Emily, Howard, and Ian stumbled upon.

A guy delivers a pouch to the teacher. It's filled with cyanide pills. They're all taking them. Their legacy only survives if they can protect the secret.

The team goes out guns blazing while the teacher continues burning files of the children. She's not going as fast as I would be if I were her. She's not even burning them in a way all will be destroyed fast enough.

The guy from the couch cannot believe she's packing her car to leave. She says everyone else has finished their work. The two of them have more work to do.

Howard is walking over dead bodies with foam dripping from their mouths.

Emily had no idea what they were walking into, and she shows Ian what she found in the classroom. A timeline of the two worlds and events, traditions that are different. A school.

Howard continues investigating and finds a hat in front of an open door. Inside, he finds bodies covered in blankets. Children. He's aghast.

OHoward finds a cell phone ringing in a kitchen drawer. It's Charlotte, Emily's mom. Our Emily has woken up. Time for two names!!

Quayle is trying to comfort his baby while Clare sits handcuffed to the kitchen floor.

Baldwin's new girlfriend is photographing her in her sleep.

Ian wants to call the office, but Emily talks him out of it. She's certain Alexander Pope is behind this but wants to tread carefully.

One of their guys is sitting on the couch and finds a file stuck under the cushions. It's for Angel Eyes!!

Ian doesn't understand why Emily is being so protective of Howard, but she calms him when she notes the only person who knew anything about their moves was Casper from the lie exam.

Clare knows Spencer needs to eat. Quayle asks how long she's been her and she tells him. That earns her the right to feed Spencer.

OEmily knows if there are operatives on the other side, they desperately need to reach out to her Howard because he's the only one they can trust over there. She needs Howard's help.

Clare and Quayle talk candidly. She says everything is underway, and there's nothing he can do to stop it. Of course, she has no idea what's going on on her side. 

Baldwin kills this side's Angel Eyes with piano wire. At the same time he dies, Howard sees he did cross over and sees the identities of the other two from the "diplomatic envoy" who aren't due back for another day.

Aldrich visits Quayle. Nobody has been talking and Quayle is eating soup Aldrich brought for him and I'm worried it's poisoned. Aldrich starts talking about his other. He knew him. They used to play chess against each other through a computer program. 

Aldrich planted a woman over there and his other fell in love with her. His other wanted to defect and it would have been wonderful for him and also his downfall. So he had the woman killed. His other went mad.

OEmily attempts to set up a meeting in an interface room with OHoward. Both Quayle and the woman on the other side are angry at the after-hours need of the meeting, but as we know, it needs to be done.

It's a Howard to Howard meeting. It's horrific. They don't talk about anything important but taunt each other with how much progress they've made as each other while living as one another. (For specifics, see the quotes section...they're detailed!)

Howard knew about Andrei. He knew about the job. They worked on their mistakes because he loves her for everything she is and everything she isn't. The only thing that will separate the two of them is Howard's ability to love unconditionally.

Greta is startled in the middle of the night when Baldwin breaks into her apartment. Should we assume she made all three kills? She's not doing well.


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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

OHoward: How is she?
Charlotte: Doctor's aren't sure how much she can understand if anything at all. They're calling it a first step. First, of many, we hope. Good to see you, Howard. Been a long time.

Emily: It's from their side. They're comparing timelines between our worlds. Events, traditions. They're teaching kids about lives over there.
Ian: A school.