A Looming Threat - Counterpart
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Holy shit. Mira never killed her other. She's alive with children when Yanek visits.

What Mira Prime reads as management to both sides that Management has decided to close the crossing on both sides -- permanently. She offers them one day to negotiate the return all crossers from both sides.

Emily Prime goes to look for Mira to find her cage empty and no Ian in sight.

Mira promises that Ian's wife will be safe. Amazingly, I believe her.

Howard Alpha is on his way home only to discover Quayle doesn't work there anymore and Aldrich is dead. Alpha says it was a deal they all made together, and when Emily Alpha hears from him, she is perplexed.

Quayle answers a call from Howard Prime. He thinks it's from Clare, but we know where she is. Quayle doesn't speak quite as eloquently as would be required to get the right message across as Howard wants to negotiate his return to the other world.

It's probably not going to be that much of a stretch anymore.

But he still intends on finding out how Indigo is going to do whatever they're going to do, so maybe that is the key to the show continuing when Netflix picks it up. No, they have not, but they damn well should.

Clare's father admits he's going to miss their diplomatic relations and trade ideas. He gives his biggest ask for immunotherapy another shot. It would help organ transplant success ratios dramatically. No go.

Howard Prime tosses Clare into the room with Spencer. He appears to be real. But he acquiesces to her requests and gives up a semblance of Mira's location. He also admits his cohorts all carry the virus and are going in every direction to spread it.

Howard Alpha isn't pleased to know Prime was living in his house with his wife. Emily Alpha says she's not the person she was anymore. Howard says he knew who she was. She doesn't understand why he put up with it.

Emily wants to start over. She thinks she can be the better person. She says Howard can reject the worst of Howard P and Emily can accept the best of her other.

Just then, Howard Prime shows up. It's the Howards and Emily A.

Howard Prime isn't the guy he was when he was with Emily Alpha. He has the news of what Mira is going to do. Howard Alpha won't be left behind on this adventure.

The Howards, Emily, Naya, and Quayle all head to Mira's cabin. Howard P and Quayle are asked to stay behind, but Howard A gets a nice gun when they all descend upon Mira's cabin.

Now we know why that one chick who didn't get the virus was left behind. She's sitting alone in front of the house that is rigged with explosives. The girl was supposed to have blown the house hours ago. She was the cleanup crew.

Emily says she woke up. She doesn't have to run from everything hard anymore. Maybe Eva can be that different person, too.

But when Emily starts to walk Emily Alpha back to her group, she also blows the house apart.

Howard Prime runs like hell. Where is Emily Alpha?? Howard Alpha has found her in the rubble. The person who helps him is Howard Prime.

She's not dead, but she's dying. They get her to the hospital after she writes something on a receipt to Howard Alpha. He wants her to be OK, but he's alone in the hallway waiting for news about her when he learns she died.

Naya and Quayle are alone with the news. Naya wants to involve the police. Howard Prime is outside the hospital pacing when Howard Alpha gets in front of Prime with a gun. He never should have answered her letters. He should have told her to stay away and to gack to his life with Howard A, and she might still be alive.

The news hits Prime like a bullet. He apologizes to Howard A and gives to him his wedding ring and watch. Alpha aims again. Instead of killing him, he gives to him the note and his gun. 

The infected Indigo team is getting ready to disperse and their locations are playing out like a pop song.

Prime finds them and begins shooting. He doesn't have a single qualm about the deaths. 

Naya and Quayle get there after it's all over.

At home, Alpha cries while looking around the apartment that has eluded him for so long.

Prime returns to Baldwin. They're free, but there is no place for them there. He says he made a new, better deal for them that he should have made a long time ago.

Clare and Spencer are returned to Naya. Naya wants to know what other people are still in the world. Clare wants to help but wants Peter to be reinstated. Without him, she has no credibility.

Clare reports directly to Naya from now on, and in return, Naya will protect her family, including keeping the secret of Clare's identity to herself.

Everyone who has been detained is getting returned.

Closing the crossing involves welding the doors shut on both sides.

Emily Prime looks for Ian. He's not at his place. She finds a note from him on the table. 

I was always under the impression Ian found his wife and reunited. He did not. Nomi is with another man, and Ian fully approves of it.

Peter knows what happened to his Clare, but before Clare can confess to him, he changes the subject. He wants to change Spencer's name.

Mira gets home to Emily Prime in her house and to a fatal dose of whatever was initially on Emily Prime's light switch in the first episode.

Howard A is offered a job in Strategy if he wants it. Nope, he's heading off to another life.

Yanek has his granddaughter at the park when he realizes he's been infected with the virus. It's too late for him, as it's progressing rapidly. He dies on the park wall after remembering when Mirta dosed him.

And that's where the story closes.

Fuck me.

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Spencer: This world doesn't fight fare. If we don't destroy them, they'll destroy us.
Clare: You're wrong. You know how I know you're wrong? Because I dream about her, my other. I keep seeing this little girl, one whose life I envied and hated, but I've been taught to believe that this existence of this other world is an aberration of nature. But what if this is nature's plan, and the real test isn't if we could eradicate this other side of ourselves -- what if it's about acceptance?

I just wanted to protect my wife.

Howard Alpha