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Given time off by Joan this week, Annie joined her sister at Niagra Falls on a vacation her brother-in-law flaked on.

But this became a mission when an Iranian national wishes to defect to the United States and Annie has to bring him in, while lying to Danielle about who he actually is, of course. Through the typical back and forth and action, obstacles arose, but Annie eventually came through and the man was given asylum in America.

The more important developments of the episode were:

- Through flashbacks, we learned that Ben appeared to talk to a man on the beach in Sri Lanka at one point. Annie was looking on at the time and made the connection at the end of the episode: it was Jai!

- Auggie's affair with the reported, Liza, was discovered, as Arthur reamed him out for it and then gave him a job: feed information to Liza and find out what she did with it. When she came back to Auggie and accused him of leading her to a dead end, it became clear that one of 17 people is the CIA leak.

Covert Affairs
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