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- Annie heads to Copenhagen to stop Teo from killing Henry. She succeeds, but gets picked up by the police. After being released, she's taken by Henry. He shows her his plan. He blows up a helicopter with one of the missing missiles and sets up Teo for it. Annie saves Teo from capture, but he gets shot. They make it to an American military base in Germany. Annie takes off and leaves Teo with Arthur. Teo dies during surgery. 


- Calder questions Auggie about the flash drive. They come to an understanding when Calder shows that he hasn't made the drive disappear. Auggie and Joan realize that Calder isn't working for Henry.


- Henry goes on the news and condemns the missile attack. He says he was supposed to be on the plane and uses that for cover. He vows vengeance.


Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Sunflower seeds?


Why is Henry Wilcox meeting with an ALC terrorist?