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McQuaid goes into hiding at a safe house he has, meanwhile the FBI and CIA is all over McQuaid Securities looking for evidence of wrongdoing. Caitlyn gave them full access to anything they want.

Annie get a message to meet McQuaid and goes. She believes he's innocent and Caitlyn set McQuaid up to take the fall for Chicago. He doesn't believe it, but agrees to set up a meet.

At the meeting, Caitlyn gives McQuaid his computer and it has a tracker in it. He's upset. Annie and McQuaid have sex and then move forward with their plan. They set off the tracker and a kill squad shows up.

McQuaid and Annie take out the attack team and find plans for another attack. Caitlyn was setting him up again. After a false lead, Ryan goes after Caitlyn and gets shot.

Annie looks over the materials again and finds the true target -- the motorcade. Hayley shows up to arrest Annie, but is convinced of the attack and they go to stop it.

Caitlyn triggers the explosion and then takes off with Belenko. Annie finds her, but Belenko kills Caitlyn first. He gets a diplomat escort out fo the country. Annie vows to bring him down.

The Russians appear to be behind Chicago. Calder meets with Sydney to get her help to infiltrate the embassy.

Covert Affairs
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