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After Auggie is arrested, Annie bails him out. She decides to look into Tony's death and realizes that he had actually been poisoned. She decides to go to Germany to find out who created the poison, and why. As soon as she is there she sees the woman from the rooftop in Istanbul. McQuaid identifies her as Olga. Olga is watching the doctor who created the poisons every move and Annie struggles to get time alone with her. When she finally manages to, Olga realizes something is off and begins to close in. Annie tricks her and evades capture by leading her on to a train and getting off. The doctor who killed Tony, apparently kills herself with her own poison which leads to Annie being arrested. Olga takes her from jail and reveals that they are both on the same side.

Auggie is kidnapped after a scuffle with two men who enter his home.

Joan is worried when she is called in for a polygraph, two months  after her annual one. She asks Arthur, who calls in a favor to find out the truth. He finds out that the reason is to do with her being offered a new job which shocks her. 


Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

We're gonna nail the bad guys ass to the wall.


You think i'd slow you down?