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The episode opened with the principal of a high school walking into his school looking depressed. Right after he called an assembly a bomb went off blowing out the front windows. The head of the FBI is called out of a meeting to be told and he asked his assistant to get him Cooper’s team.

Beth is the first one to arrive having been at a conference closer to the location of the bombing. Cooper and his team began profiling the unsub and it lead them to a student who had two guns on him but was not the bomber.

Cooper and Beth determined that the bomber is killing off his family and has a message to send. They eventually figured out that the unsub may be a member of a local church. After the police found the bombers test site Mick and Gina went to check it out while Prophet went to a local church that was the best candidate for the unsub. Between the two the team figured out who the unsub must be and began to track him down.

The unsub Walter Meeks had killed his first son in the first blast. Mick, Gina, and Prophet managed to stop the bus that his second son was on and saved him. Cooper and the team found Meeks outside the hospital where his children were born. Meeks looked like he was going to blow himself up and Mick shot him in the forearm to make him drop the briefcase he was holding.

Cooper went into the hospital and found Meeks last son; unfortunately he did not have a bomb on it. Mick found the bomb in the room that Meeks’ first son was born in and disarmed it with 3 seconds left saving everyone.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Garcia: You want me to find if there were any bombs set off around Fredericksburg?
Cooper: You read my mind.
Garcia: That's a dark and mysterious place.

He is telling us he is not done yet, there are going to be other bombs.