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The episode opened with on a night club and a couple leaving and they heard a woman screaming. The man checked it out and was stabbed in the neck by the person who was doing the abduction.

Sam and his team came in as the police captain explained that this could be the third victim but had not yet been reported. Sam and his team started looking for the third victim by finding out more about the first two. 

While Sam and his team hit dead end after dead end, the unsub bounded the victim (dubbed Jane Doe) with wire and cut off circulation to her arms and legs. Sam and his team finally get a break when they found a drop of blood on a cement bag and linked it to one of the first two victims.

The Unsub appeared to cut up Jane and put all her parts but her head in a steel drum with cement. Sam and his team used the cement to figure out he was dropping them in the water and found the four steel drums with the body parts.

The unsub snatched a woman who’s car had broken down and Garcia was able to locate a muscle car that had been circling the area. When the car was located the owner explained he had just gotten it back. Sam and his team raided the garage and found the most recent victim still alive and captured the unsub who had all the heads in the fridge with his drinks.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

See a little Garcia goes along way


Beth: I have been transferred between departments about 800 times; I still don't have an emergency contact.
Cooper: Put me down.
Beth: You're my boss, and I am not certain that anyone besides yourself would look for me.
Cooper: That may have been true before, but not now.