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The episode opened with a man and woman meeting and getting romantic in a hotel room. As they progressed to the bedroom and the bed the woman pulled out at knife and stabbed the man and then watched him die.

The team met at the HQ above the gym and discussed the case and that there were three bodies so far in Cincinnati. The team heads to Cincinnati and began canvassing the hotels and the killer struck at a night club instead.

The team began profiling the criminal (a.k.a. “unsub”) and figured out that the killer was not killing for the enjoyment of the kill but for the enjoyment of watching the light go out of the victims eyes. Garcia working remotely was able to find a criminal that was already in prison for a very similar murder style. Cooper and his team went to interview the criminal names Marcus. Cooper figured out that whoever the unsub was, they were being controlled by Marcus and he was the key to finding them.

The team found a woman who had been in contact with Marcus and who fit the behavior profile of the unsub; however, when they got to her book store they found Marcus had convinced her to have sex with other men and tell him about it.

During an interview with Marcus (who now had his lawyer present) the lawyer names Rachel asked for a private conversation with Marcus and shortly their after left. Cooper watching the playback of the conversation without sound realized that Rachel was being submissive and she was the person they were looking for.

Cooper and Griffith tricked Marcus into revealing where Rachel was going and sent the rest of the team over and stopped her from hurting the one girl that Marcus had failed to kill previously. Cooper assured that Marcus went into solitaire confinement so he could not dominate anyone else.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

How long to takes a person to die is not my favorite thing to research, for the record.


These women think they are in a committed relationship with him; I thought my love life was depressing.