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The episode opened with a man who got out in the rain to help a woman whose car hood is up. As he is looking at the engine she went to get her umbrella, when she comes back she injected him with a needle then helped him to his car where she tapped his head to the seat rest and removed his eyes.

Cooper and his team jump on the case and head to Tuscon to help Tuscon Police stop a killer. The day after Cooper arrives the eyes are found in a newpaper vending machine. Griffith came up with the rational that the killer wanted them to see something in the paper, she found that a man had died after having surgery at the same hospital the first victim was suppose to have surgery at.

Cooper and his team continued to profile the killer and were quickly on the trailer of the killer, they suspected the man who died in the newspaper’s wife but that proved to be wrong. Meanwhile the killer killed a doctor at the hospital that they are investigating and had a huge ice pick in her ear.

The team begin to put together that the first murder represented “see no evil” and the second represented “hear no evil” this lead them to realize that the hospital’s attorney was the mouth of the hospital and would be the best choice for “speak no evil”.

The team races to the hospital and stops the murder from killing the Attorney. The woman who was a former nurse at the hospital was doing the murders because nothing had been done about the anonymous tip she had sent in about infections she was causing. She wanted to be seen as a hero for bringing the infections to light; Cooper explained she would be remembered as a monster for the murders she committed.  

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Cooper: You almost never say what I think you are going to say.
Griffith: That is my mystique.

Officer: You call someone who cuts out someone's eyes as "normal."
Simms: He said "Looks normal" brother, you don't see psychotic coming.