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The BAU are called to Salt Lake City to investigate a triple murder, in which a security guard is stabbed to death, and his gun is then used to murder a couple in their home.

It doesn't take the team long to figure out that the murderer is a recently released convict named Benton Farland. He had been imprisoned at age seventeen for the rape and murder of his sister.

Police and the D.A. believed that he had been young and impressionable, and that his crime was done at the insistence of his 30 year old lover, a woman named Amelia Porter. Porter had fled to Canada afterward. Farland was subsequently sentenced to twelve years in prison.

Two days after being released from prison, Benton arrives at his father's home, to discover that his deceased sister's children Andy and Rebecca were now under his father's care.

Benton's dad Oren is not pleased to find his son at his house, and so they get into a head to head argument over the dinner table. Benton kills his father with a knife, then flees with Andy and Rebecca, whom he takes with him as insurance against being caught.

Andy pretends to go along willingly with his uncle. While driving down a highway, Andy warns his sister to put on her seatbelt. He then drives off the road, causing Benton to get knocked out.

As Andy attempts to release his sister from the car, Benton comes to and shoots Andy, leaving him for dead.

As Benton grabs Rebecca, a Good Samaritan driver pulls over to see if they're okay. He shoots the driver and takes off in her car with Rebecca.

The BAU and police discover the accident scene, and calls an ambulance for Andy who is not dead, merely wounded.

Kate and Morgan interview Andy in the hospital, who tells them that he believes Benton is heading to Andy's friend's vacation cabin - where he had earlier suggested Benton go.

Benton pulls his cover over to the side of the road, douses it in gasoline and sets it ablaze. He leads Rebecca through the wilderness to a remote house.

The house belongs to Amelia Porter.

As Amelia and Benton talk, we learn that the murder of Benton's sister Miriam was all Benton's idea, and that he had forced Amelia to kill her. He had come back to Amelia to restart their romance and to re-enact the rape and murder of his sister, this time with his niece Rebecca.

Reid, Rossi and Kate burst into Amelia's house, telling Benton that they were grateful he had led them to Amelia. When Amelia attempts to escape, Benton's gun goes off and he accidentally shoots himself to death.


Meanwhile, we learn that Beth has moved to Hong Kong in order to accept an opportunity to run a major gallery there. As a result, she and Hotch have split up.

Rossi finds out and convinces Hotch to join him at a nightclub on the weekend. At first Hotch wants to decline but Rossi mentions that he needs a wing man, as he has his eye on the jazz singer there.

Hotch accompanies him, and after Rossi sends a bottle of champagne to the singer's table, she and her wing woman come over and introduce themselves.  The singer that Rossi likes is Celine Destin. Her companion is Audrey Hansen.

As Rossi takes off the bar to wait out Celine's set, Audrey and Hotch begin to talk.

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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

Benton: I would kill myself right now if it would bring Miriam back.
Oren: Maybe it will. You should give it a try.

The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter - Sophocles