How blessed are some people, whose lives have no fears, no dreads; to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly, and brings nothing but sweet dreams. -- Bram Stoker


I am glad you're here, but I'm never going to stop giving you crap.

Garcia [to Alvez]

As fast as a caffeinated cheetah riding a lightning bolt, I am on it.


I was hoping you wouldn't remember that. That's why I don't give pep talks.

Walker [to Prentiss]

Shaw: Do I know you?
Alvez: No, but I know you.

Life, of course, never gets anyone's entire attention. Death always remains interesting. -- Janet Malcolm


Alvez: We will keep Reid safe. We will find a way to get him through this.
Garcia: That's what I told him. But he looked at me like he didn't believe it.

Hope is being able to see there is light in spite of the darkness. -- Desmond Tutu


Oh, new guy. You're just so good. Your deep baritone voice comforts me.

Garcia [to Walker]

In here, we're all psychopaths, because we have to be.

Shaw [to Reid]

He [Danny] was sometimes inappropriate, like he had no filter.

Miranda [to Alvez]

He {Reid] can't stay in there. We've got to get him out.

JJ [to Garcia]

Criminal Minds Quotes

Hotch: A sniper can wait up to 72 hours without sleeping.
Mays: Seriously?
Rossi: That's part of their training. They can stay awake for 72 hours and remain completely focused on their target.
Mays: How?
Hotch: By using a mental exercise called "fantasy integration". A sniper creates a scenarios involving a target that keeps that person at the forefront of their mind.
Morgan: Often they'll imagine a place where they're with the target, doing something together that takes time. For example, building a car.
JJ: For some, the fantasy begins the minute they're assigned a target. Then nothing will distract them.

They mess you up, your mom and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had, and add some extra, just for you - Philip Larkin.