Criminal Minds Season 4


Here's an overview of "Demonology." Mark it down as the 17th episode of Criminal Minds' fourth season.

This is the last episode of Criminal Minds before Christmas. It's titled "Normal."

"Brothers in Arms"

What went down on the latest episode of Criminal Minds? We've got the scoop!

"52 Pickup"

The latest episode of Criminal Minds is titled "52 Pickup." Here's a brief summary of its events and developments.

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Criminal Minds Season 4 Quotes

Garcia: Sir, does this guy stuff actually work on real, breathing girls?
Hotchner: (confused) Why are you asking me?
Garcia: I abhor the whole chicks-dig-jerks thing.
Hotchner: Well, fortunately, Garcia, you are one of the exceptions.
Garcia: Be still my bespeckled heart. So are you, sir.
Hotchner: (smiling) Thanks.

Morgan: (discussing Viper) We need to bait him with someone he sees as a challenge.
Reid: To study his style up close and personal is going to take someone that he's already attracted to.
(all eyes are on Emily)
Prentiss: Ahh, oh, this is really gonna suck.