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The episode begins with a rollercoaster that literally goes off the rails. 

Avery shows up at Brody's apartment and ensure that he is clear on the rules of his working with the FBI. 

The team goes to the site of the derailed cart and suspects that it was an inside job. A man looking for his girlfriends ring becomes their first suspect. 

Grummitz discovers that the target was not in the control room when the cart crashed, but actually caused the roller coaster to crash remotely. 

Brody and Raven talk about their experiences with Avery being their boss. The two discover that the blood on the evidence is from an individual whose identity is sealed. Simon argues with another FBI agent to get the records unsealed. 

The team arrests a a suspect named Ronny who says that he did not commit the crime, but that he thinks he made the board. 

Avery tells Brody to access the deep web and search for a forum where the photos of the crime are being posted. By hacking into the forum the team discovers that the the train crash will occur in Boston. 

Agent Mundo risks his life to stop the moving train and the team arrest Otto. Brody and Daniel bond over filling out paper work. 

CSI: Cyber
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