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Mac investigated the supposed drug overdose of a mysterious young woman, Tessa James, that had reported a murder to him. Findings made by the medical examiner showed that Tessa had been murdered and her body had been staged to look like an overdose.

Evidence led the CSIs to the place where Tessa lived. From the erratic clues she had left behind Mac and the CSIs shifted their investigation over to The Vonner Club, an exclusive gentlemen's club. A search of the V.I.P. room revealed blood spatter.

Soon after Mac was kidnapped and threatened to stop his investigation. His memory of the incident and trace he collected while bound led the police to his attackers. One of his kidnappers was a limo driver associated with the club. The puzzle of evidence Tessa had left behind also led to the club's manager.

The CSIs pulled the old evidence off a Jane Doe whose blood matched the DNA found at the club. A fingerprint found on her coat confirmed the club's manger's involvement. During a Marti Gras party the guests in the V.I.P. room killed a prostitute after she overdosed, and Tessa had seen them carry the body out. The manager had seen Tessa and made it possible for her to be found and murdered.

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CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Mac: I believed her.
Jo: Based on...?
Mac: My gut.
Jo: Mac, you always tell the guys to use their heads, not their hearts.
Mac: I didn't say my heart. I said my gut.

Alright, enough of this quiet man crap. Are you okay?