You're going old school with that string. You'd be amazed what computers can do nowadays.


Lindsay: So, you have no problem using me as a drug mule?
Danny: No. If you want to be involved you have to be willing to take on some of the risk.
Lindsay: Well, it sounds like I'm taking on all of the risk. I mean the only thing you risk is being mocked for doing a bad Pacino impersonation.

Danny: I have a plan B for making some extra dough.
Lindsay: Does it involve you dressing in drag and turning tricks? Because that I am totally okay with.

Olivia Dalton: He's twelve
Wes Dillon: So, what are you saying, that I'm too old, that I couldn't take him?
Olivia Dalton: Okay, yeah, go beat hm up for me, but leave me the last punch.

Mac: I've done a lot of good
Jo: Yeah.
Mac: Maybe I've done my part.

Flack: What are you after?
Raymond Harris: Justice.

Mac: You want to kill me, Harris? Kill me. Here I am. Make a move.
Raymond Harris: Then there wouldn't be any surprises. Where's the fun in that?

You always walked the line, Bill, but I never thought you'd cross it.


Bill Hunt: Not a day went by that I didn't think of turning myself in.
Mac: But you didn't
Bill Hunt: It wouldn't have made a difference.
Mac: It would have to me.

Mac:Will he be giving milk and cookies, and singing me a lullaby?
Flack:The lullaby thing is a little weird, but milk and cookies, that could happen.

Two years. Every year as a cop is two human years.


Jo:Whoever did this had a basic knowledge of crime scene investigation.
Danny:Basic knowledge? Kinda like the Feds.
Jo: I heard that Messer.

CSI: NY Quotes

This place is sooo creepy, but I guess funeral home? What else would it be?


Jo: We've got an appointment to go visit the dead.
Flack: Work related I hope.