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The cut up remains of a man's body was found among thrift store boxes. The autopsy revealed that the cause of death was due to the victim choking on the cremated remains of his wife. The main suspect in the case was the man's ex-girlfriend, Sydney Preston, who had broken up with him because of dating audition tapes she had found in the house.

CSIs discovered that the strings of Sydney's guitar had been used to tie the victim up, and clear impressions of kneepads on his chest matched kneepads that were found in the thrift store boxes along with the body. Sydney was seen in a video wearing those exact kneepads in her audition tape. However, DNA found on the kneepads was a match to the ex as well as the victim's daughter, Camryn.

Sydney was allowed to speak with Camryn, and the girl confessed to having killed her father because she was angry at him over the break up, and didn't believe he or her mother actually loved her.

Ray's ex-wife made a surprise visit to the lab and announced that she was getting remarried.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 14 Quotes

Detective Reed: You know I've heard of donating a body to science, but a thrift store?
Nick: I wonder how much the killer thought it was worth. I mean, times are tough.

Sara: You know, I actually shop at this store. They have some good stuff.
Detective Reed: They always sell body parts?