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The hunt for Nate Haskell continued when he sent a threatening video to the parents of one of his brides, Vivian Tinsdale. Ray and the CSIs looked further into the video and discovered that Vivian's father was being black mailed by Nate Haskell. Ultimately, the Vivian's father ended up committing suicide to avoid facing his abusive relationship towards his daughter being made public.

Nick investigated the murder of two people found hacked to pieces at a farm. The head was missing from the woman's body, and only the hands from the male victim were discovered. Finger prints from the male hands revealed that the man had been a plastic surgeon. Further investigation revealed that the woman was his nurse. Ballistic results from a bullet found at the doctor's office linked the murders to Nate Haskell's prison escape and Vivian Tinsdale. The house where the bodies had been chopped up was discovered along with the missing pieces. Also among the dead bodies was Vivian.

Ray surmised that Nate was no longer in the state. With a new face and his new number one bride, Tina Vincent, at his side, Nate Haskell was in L.A..

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CSI Season 11 Episode 20 Quotes

Nick: So when was the last time you saw Graham?
Lydia Kole: When he told me to turn my vibrator down.

I'm sick of this guy. He's like the Joker in Batman, except without the laughs.