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The CSIs investigated the death of a woman mauled by a mountain lion. After reviewing the injuries on the woman's body Sara and Ray determined she was beaten just before the mountain lion attacked her. An appointment in the woman's planner took Sara and Ray to Dr. Heather Kessler ( the infamous Lady Heather). Dr. Kessler was treating the woman as her sex therapist.

Reviewing the evidence the CSIs discovered that the woman had been in struggle with a former friend who had been trying to save her from her current fetish. It was that struggle that led to the woman's death.

Nick and Doc Robbins were the first on the scene of a teen suicide. The teen was pregnant and Doc Robbins and Nick had to perform an emergency c-section saving the baby's life. The teen had been driven to commit suicide after having been cyber-bullied by girls at her high school.

Ray sought Dr. Kessler's to help him deal with Nate Haskell's escape and his own inner demons.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 19 Quotes

Usually, when people say they are doing something for the good of others, they are doing something for themselves.


Dr. Kessler: I can say this...The good Dr. Langston isn't going to catch Nate Haskell.
Ray: If I give in to my nature I won't catch him...I will kill him.
Dr. Kessler: Yes, you will.
Ray: What becomes of me then?