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The episode opened with a man (Dwayne) yelling at the police because his house and wife were both missing when he came home from work.

Sarah and Nick found that someone had picked up the house and carried it off on a flatbed truck. Dwayne, Marla, and Jimmy Hicks who were siblings had been fighting over the house since their mother died while Dwayne and his wife Debbie lived in it.

When CSI found the house, they found a crime scene where someone had been murdered. It appeared that an old family friend Fred had come back to the house the night it was stolen and was stabbed to death and then slid out of the house when it was being moved.

It turned out that Wayne Hicks, the father of the siblings had come back to the house the same night to recover a corpse he had hidden in the wall twenty years before and killed Fred during a scuffle. 


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CSI Season 12 Episode 15 Quotes

Hodges: 528, that's the right address
Nick: As opposed to the other houses that were stolen last night?

Sarah: Your saying when you went to work last night your wife was in the house and now they are both missing.
Dwayne: Yes, that is what I'm trying to tell you people!
Nick: Think someone was after the house or the wife?