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The episode opened with two girls walking through the mall and one of the girls had a chunk of her hair snipped out without her realizing it. Afterwards another girl was at the CSI lab getting pictures taken as the 11th victim of the person stealing locks of hair.


Just Paula the 11th victim was leaving, Brass got a call, they found that another victim Eva had been murdered and made up to look like a woman from the 70s and a 70s song was playing. Before CSI could get a line on who was doing the hair and now murders another victim Joyce was found.


Just as CSI thought they had gotten the murderer, Paula called Russell saying she was blind and that the guy was coming back. When Russell and Brass got to her apartment they found her with her throat slashed. 


The killer left behind a photo that had a fingerprint on it that matched up to a doctor that had helped Sarah and Morgan locate the woman these women were being made up to look like.  

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CSI Season 12 Episode 13 Quotes

Bottom line, some creep took your hair, don't let him mess with your head.


Russell: Have any of the girls seen anything?
Brass: So far no.
Russell: This guy's a ghost.