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Larry, Jeff and Susie make their way to New York.  On the plane Larry trips over his shoe lace and lands on an abusive drunk, giving him hero status.  The woman sitting next to him, Donna, likes it and they start to date.

Jeff and Larry see Ricky Gervais in the restaurant they're eating at, and Jeff wants to sign him, so Larry buys him a bottle of wine.  Ricky selfishly orders the most expensive bottle.

Ricky and Larry continue to not get along when they are both at Susie's dinner party.  Ricky does, however, invite Larry to his play, which LD later finds out he will have to pay for.

After finding out how Larry became a hero, Donna breaks up with Larry and secretly starts dating Ricky.  LD sees them together and follows them onto the subway.  The two of them get jacked up, and Larry saves the day for real this time.  After getting off the subway, his long shoe lace gets stuck in the subway door.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
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Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Waiter: I am the waiter.
Larry: Yet we were the ones waiting, so we became the waiters.
Jeff: This man's a hero. He just revolutionized the way restaurants work my friend. No one's gonna go hungry again.

Poor little coachy girl. She's so jealous 'cause everybody else is more comfortable than the coachy girl.