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Whew. Our heads are still spinning, trying to make sense of all that went down in this episode of Damages. The main questions that come to mind, along with possible answers/explanations...

What purpose, aside from a shill for Cadillac, does that car serve? The guy we met last week at the roast for Kendrick - first introduced in a bathroom scene with the UNR CEO and later seen warning Patty's husband about the FBI - purchased a Cadillac SUV. He then gave the keys to Kendrick. Who then gave them to the shady killer guy, played by SNL's Darrell Hammond, along with destination coordinates. Shady killer dude gets into the vehicle, types the coordinates into the navigation system and drives off. Well, okay then.

Will Ellen and Katie make up? We don't really care very much, but it's a segue into the next plot point. Katie got mugged and was explaining the situation to a police officer. At the station, she spotted the guy that stalked her on behalf of Frobisher last season. Yes, he's a cop. Katie reports this news to Ellen, who takes it to Patty. But Katie won't wait to see what they dig up on the guy, as she files a report with Internal Affairs. This has two consequences:

  1. Ellen and Katie fight over Ellen's relationship with Patty;
  2. The cop is killed by the even shadier dude that worked for Frobisher last year; the bearded guy that appeared to be the main person responsible for killing David (more on him later).

How rich is Patty?!? We ask because shelling out $5 million seemed like nothing to her. Here's what went down: on TV, she flat out accused Kendrick of setting up Christine Purcell's murder. This led to Kendrick filing a defamation lawsuit against Patty, whose goal was to drive the UNR stock down and cause a shareholder to come on board as a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit. The defamation suit gets settled for $5 million - with the money going to charity, isn't Kendrick a swell guy? - but Patty gets her wish. Someone agrees to be the firm's plaintiff in a case against UNR.

It's Arthur Frobisher.

How many men will Claire Maddox sleep with next week? The count was two this week. She shagged Daniel Purcell, for the last time supposedly, as she said they couldn't keep sneaking around together; and then she banged the waiter at some restaurant where she met Kendrick and others for dinner. We like her style.

Is the shady bearded dude the man Ellen shoots? We'll try to find out this guy's name. But the episode ends with him breaking into Ellen's hotel room while she's in the shower. Does this mean he's the man she'll eventuallt hold at gun point and shoot?

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Damages Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You've got a pretty shaky track records of your life decisions, so please just let me handle this.

Ellen [to Katie]

I'd have worn a shorter skirt if I knew I was getting pimped out.

Claire Maddox