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A series of questions stand out in our mind following the latest episode of Damages. We'll recap "New York Sucks" by posing them:

What is Finn Garrity up to? This is a new character we first meet when we see him snorting cocaine with an escort inside his car. He's eventually arrested, but his name is expunged from the report and Claire Maddox actually defends the hooker, getting her sentence reduced to just probation. We learn that Finn is a commodities trader that specializes in the energy field. We see him make a trade online, and then a phone call is placed to Kendrick that says it's done. This appears to be the way Kendrick/UNR will make a lot of money back on their merger.

Will Wes and Katie hook up? Granted, flash forward reveal that Wes and Ellen eventually do the deed. But as Ellen continues to struggle with David's death, she turns down Wes' romantic advances. As a result - and thanks to advance from Shady Beard Guy, who killed David and is a police officer - Wes sets his sights on Katie. He "accidentally" bumps into Ellen and Katie in a bar and flirts a lot with the former.

Will Frobisher earn back his reputation? A press conference is held, during which Patty praises Frobisher as the plaintiff in the class action suit being brought against UNR. Frobisher had earlier said his goal was to repair his reputation, as he has a spiritual guru and everything! When he's later visited by Shady Beard Guy, and warned that Katie may still cause problems concerning the murder of David, Frobisher says he's past all of that.

Will Pete die? This was the main focus of the episode. In order to dig up dirt on Patty, Ellen tells the FBI agents about Uncle Pete. They look into him and set up a sting: two undercover cops take part in a shady deal that Pete set up and the FBI is able to catch him with money in his pocket as the result of illegal, cross-state trafficking. They arrest Pete and offer him a deal: 10 years in jail, which would cause him to abandon his dying wife; or everything he has on Patty.

Pete says there's a trunk in a storage facility, the contents of which will implicate Patty in illegal activity. Acting brilliantly by the old guy that plays Pete, this character first says he has to stop at home and give his ailing wife medication before he can take the agents to the storage facility. Once at home, Pete goes to the bathroom, then bids his wife farewell... forever???

Cut to the facility and the trunk is empty, while Pete is on the ground. We see his wife finding a note in the bathroom that reads "I'm sorry," along with a series of empty pill bottles. Looks like Pete is attempting suicide in order to avoid turning on either his wife or Patty. Will he die? Tune in next week. Find out!

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