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As always, the latest episode of Damages left us with numerous questions. Let's sum up the hour by asking and, sort of, answering them...

Who is Josh? Okay, we know who he actually is. Dude is a reporter in West Virginia that is asking local farmers about their dead livestock. He suspects that Ultima National Resources (UNR) is responsible for these deaths, as their coal plants are contamining the water. We see Josh try to interview a resident about it and then leave a voicemail with Daniel Purcell. These two are clearly connected.

After Josh sneaks in and places a sample of local water in a bottle, he gets attacked back at his truck by a pair of men that are associated with UNR's CEO, Mr. Kendrick.

What happened during the IBC case? A quick primer: Patty and Purcell became lovers 17 years ago, after he was used as an expert witness during a trial. Seven years after that, Patty's first case with her own firm involved a class action lawsuit in which Purcell was the opposition's star witness. During a deposition, Patty easily broke down his story. We later learn that Patty and Daniel had colluded to to bring down the evil company. As a reward for his role in the trial, Patty gave Purcell an envelope:

It contained pictures of her young son... who is also his young son! Purcell is shocked by this news, and angered that Patty appears to have revealed the paternity information only after he helped her win a big case. This - which took place 10 years ago - seems to be the last time these two saw each other before the recent event went down.

Is Ellen trying to get caught? She meets with FBI agents in broad daylight. She snoops around Patty's history and then actually asks her if she paid Purcell off for his IBC testimony. Patty may have laughed at that notion, but she won't be laughing if the FBI takes Ellen up on her suggestion to use this supposed bribe in an attempt to bring Hewes down.

What's the deal with Purcell's wife's ruby ring? During an interview with a detective, Purcell says his wife had a ruby ring on her finger the night she was killed. It's missing in the photos of her dead body. "You find that ring and you find the killer," he says. Patty also remembers Mrs. Purcell wearing the ring the night she was killed, but she has Daniel take a lie detector test to see if he did the deed. She later tells him the test was "inconclusive."

The episode ends with a grainy flashback depicting some blonde-haired dude selling the ring at a pawn shop.

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Damages Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

You find that ring and you find the killer.

Daniel Purcell

There are some men you meet who are the wrong thing for you. Things start to happen and you can't help yourself.

Patty Hewes