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Another episode of Damages, another series of questions. But that's why we love the show, isn't it? Foremost on our minds about the most recent installment:

What the heck is Wes up to? Timothy Olyphant's character has an agenda. No shock there. After asking Ellen if the man that killed her fiance was Arthur Frobisher (a charge she denied), Wes went home and tacked up the latest article about Frobisher being released from the hospital inside a cabinet... that was home to countless other clippings regarding this evil billionaire, along with one about Ellen's murdered fiance. Oh, also present in this shady piece of furniture? Guns. Lots and lots of guns.

Via a flash forward, we also see Ellen in bed with Wes. She gets a phone call, abruptly leaves and tell him to be gone by the time she gets back.

Is Patty on to Ellen? Due to Daniel Purcell's case, Patty was too busy to take the lead on the infant mortality case Ellen - and the FBI, of course - brought to the firm. So she handed first chair to Tom. Ellen and the two FBI agents decided to go through with the set up anyway, figuring they could use Tom (whose wife we find out is pregnant) to flip on Patty. When the undercover agent that is pretending to be a victim in the case asks Tom for illegal money up front, he first agrees to the deal.

But at the exchange, Tom receives a call from Patty: she wants him off the case and on her side in the Purcell mess. Tom, unaware that Elllen was setting him up of course, tells Ellen the reason he dropped the case was due to the illegal monetary request. When Ellen later informs Patty of Tom's supposed morality, Patty asks Ellen about bringing the case to the firm in the first place. Does she suspect that her protege was trying to set her up?

What's the deal with Purcell? This is the overriding question from the episode, no doubt. Daniel spends most of the hour in the country with his daughter. Patty visits him there and tries to explain that he needs to make the documents he sent her last week public. How else can they expose the massive fraud being perpetrated and clear Daniel as a suspect in his wife's murder? Purcell is afraid of incurring the wrath of whatever company hired his firm, though, as he claims that he wants to protect his daughter.

We later learn that the world's third biggest energy company hired Purcell and his firm to research its latest product. He has proven the high toxicity of a compound, only his data was ignored and then fudged to make the client happy.

This client hired a lawyer to seize the stolen documents Purcell sent to Patty. Her name? Claire Maddox. Her excitement when told Patty Hewes was the one holding the documents? Over the top. She's also involved in the episode's closing scene:

Claire gets into a car with Purcell. Silence ensues until she asks him: "Did you tell anyone about us?" We then flash-forward to Purcell digging outside somewhere, and then setting something on fire. Allow us to be the first to say:


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