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Damages is a complicated show to recap. With that in mind, we're gonna list the main questions that have been burning in our brains since the second season premiere ended:

Who is Ellen threatening with a gun? We begin - and end - the episode with Ellen speaking to the camera; or, someone sitting across from her in what appears to be an office or a living room. We never see this individual's face or hear his/her voice. Ellen calmly asks for the truth. This scene takes place in present day, as the show initially shifts back six months after the confrontation first opens the episode.

When we return to this setting at the conclusion of the hour (present day again), Ellen tells the mystery person, "I lied, too" - and shoots.

What role will Frobisher play this season? He's still alive, having been found by a construction crew following his shooting in the season one finale. Frobisher is in bad shape, though; he's in a hospital, has undergone four operations and his wife has left him. Ellen sneaks in when Arthur is asleep, but resists the urge to take revenge on him (for now, at least) for having her fiance killed last year.

What’s the deal with Wes Krulik? Played by Timothy Olyphant, this is the guy Ellen meets in grief therapy. He follows Ellen to a bar in one scene, supposedly just to return the phone she left behind, but there's obviously something else to this dude.  Is he an undercover FBI agent keeping her in check? Is he the real FBI and the stooges Ellen’s dealing with are fake? Or is he just a red herring, similar to the first season's stalker of Ellen's fiance?

What's the deal with the case Ellen brings to Patty? The FBI agents give Ellen a case to ask Patty to take on. Supposedly, it's the first step in their plan to nab Patty for something illegal. The case is centered on insurance malpractice/fraud and is based around infant mortality. Patty agrees to it.

Who killed the wife of Daniel Purcell (William Hurt)? Purcell has a history with Patty. He appears to be involved in some sort of scandal at his company, as viewers see glimpses of him trying to tell those in charge that he won't sign his name on certain documents, papers he refers to as "horse shit." He contacts Patty after a decade of not speaking and asks her to protect a shoebox full of charts and graphs. Patty refuses to hear him out, however.

But Daniel says Patty owes him and we later see something that may change Patty's mind about helping an old acquaintance: Purcell's wife is found dead. Purcell is on the scene and asks Patty if she'll assist him now.

What was Patty doing, opening the episode of “Live with Regis & Kelly”? That was just goofy.

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