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The biggest question hanging over this season of Damages was apparently answered on this episode. Let's get right to the two main storylines:

Is Frobisher back to his old ways? After being visited by Scary Beard Dude again, and threatened along with his spiritual guru, Frobisher was seen doing cocaine - and a hooker - in the backseat of a limo. He then met with Beard Dude and gave him the go-ahead to do... something. Kill Ellen, perhaps?

Does Ellen shoot Patty?!?!?! Remember the conclusion to this season's premiere? When Ellen told someone in her apartment that she "lied," pointed a gun at this mystery individual and fired twice? Well... after learning more about Uncle Pete's backstory last night, and how he took care of Patty as a child because her father was a mean drunk, the old man was killed by one of the men that tried to murder Ellen last season.

Patty did NOT put him up to it, however, as she had actually given Pete the go-ahead to release incriminating evidence against her to the FBI. It was a softer side than we usually see to Patty. After this storyline was taken care of, and Pete offed, we flash ahead three months:

Pete's widow found a bunch of files in his closet. One was labeled with Ellen's name on it. She gave it to Ellen. Viewers are then taken into Ellen's apartment, where she's sitting across from a teary-eyed, petrified Patty.

Ellen has the file in her hand. She holds up the gun, but then says, "It's not even loaded."

Remember the lie referenced above? And the subsequent shots fired?!? Wow. Cut to black.

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