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Damnation Season 1 Episode 3 Review: One Penny

Damnation Review: One Penny

On Damnation Season 1 Episode 3, when Creeley finds himself in a bit of a jam, it gives Seth and the farmers a leg up fighting back against the banks.
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Seth Davenport is a man masquerading as a small-town Iowa preacher in hopes of starting a full-blown insurrection against the status quo.

Focused on his mission, he is unaware that an industrialist tycoon has hired a professional strikebreaker named Creeley Turner to stop the uprising by any means necessary.

But unbeknownst to those around them, these two men already share a secret, bloody past.

This epic saga about the secret history of the 1930s American heartland centers on the mythic conflict and bloody struggle between big money and the downtrodden, God and greed, charlatans and prophets.

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Damnation Quotes

Girl: What are you striking against?
Seth: The American economic system.
Girl [Laughs]: How are you gonna do that?
Seth: By breaking the system's back, one asshole banker at a time.

Girl: How'd you get me off the hook?
Seth: I spoke in parables.
Girl: What?
Seth: I lied.