A Hunting Retreat - Damnation
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Hyde has Creeley on a drive watching the prisoners work the highway as he suggests Creeley isn't doing his job.

Hyde then takes Creeley to see Tennyson Duval in a large barn, where another man, who Hyde calls a colleague, is also eating. It's strange that Duval called Creeley a fine male specimen, and moments later a group of men are watching Creeley and the other fellow eating from above.

Seth and Amelia are looking through the deeds he found in the bank vault, and Amelia admits she almost feels hopeful.

Seth and Mr. Johnson are both in similar situations. Strikebreakers taken out of prison. They're next taken into a room by Hyde to remove their undergarments. They're given new garments and rifles. It appears they will have to fight to the death.

Cynthia Rainey knocks on the door when Seth and Creeley are taking care of their father's business in the formerly occupied homestead.

Amelia is talking to the ladies of the town about their mortgages. While one woman connects the bank robbery to the coming gift of money, the others rise to accept it.

Bessie tries to talk to the new banker about Creeley but is shuffled off.

Meanwhile, Creeley is taking the men hunting and Amelia is welcoming Connie to the church.

Does Connie like Amelia's ideas?

Seth is at a supposed farm factory where he discovers they are doing chemical experiments on uniforms while men are wearing them in the name of Duval.

Creeley is still trying to uncover what the hell is happening at the hunting barn.

Seth recalls listening to Cynthia's father speaking about being reborn to the person God sees. When they exit, Creeley is there suggesting it wouldn't go over well with dad.

After dinner, while Duval shows Creeley his orgasm machine to help women do their housework with smiles on their faces, Hyde catches up to them armed with a steak knife.

Another dude is chatting with the Black Legion about doing their dirty work. He has a wooden case full of money. Bessie is outside and well, she makes a noise alerting the Legion to her witnessing of the festivities.

Entertainment is about to begin in the barn. Since Johnson was drinking all night, he'll not have his wits about him, laying the odds in Creeley's hands. However, Hyde sticks that steak knife into Johnson's pants pocket to change those odds.

Duval announces the beginning of the fight and within seconds the young fella has Creeley in a headlock, during which time Hyde tells him about he knows Seth is his brother and he's about to die.

The tide quickly turns and Creely guts Johnson, then cutting himself on the right side. Hyde wasn't aware of how keen Creeley was on knives.

Duval apologizes on behalf of all the men, who had only expected a ten count and for the men to move on. Hyde mucked that up and changed Creeley's job. Now he's to kill his brother. I highly doubt that's going to go over well with Creeley no matter how much animosity is between them.

Amelia's first husband was killed by strikebreakers. Instead of killing Seth when they meet, she winds up staying with Mrs. Riley.

When Seth gets home to Amelia and shows her paperwork he found at the factory, she realizes it holds the name of her father's company, Tintern Textiles.

Creeley is walking home and Bessie is running through a field of corn, still trying to find her freedom.

With his new rifle, while riding by on a train, Seth kills the buards whipping the prisoners on the side of the road. The chain gang rushes out into the field.


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Damnation Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You are a fascinating specimen indeed, Mr. Turner.


You've truly outdone yourself this time. They're both magnificent.