The Strikebreaker - Damnation
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Preacher Seth walks up to a farmer shooting at his hen house. When Seth wonders why he's shooting at both his hens and eggs in an attempt to rid it of a young thief, Frank says a man has to stick to his principles.

Seth walks with the young girl and offers her a ride back into town. He talks to her about what he's doing – hoping to break the back of the American economic system one asshole banker at a time to stop their price fixing so farmers can pay back their loans and get a fair wage on their goods.

If the banker is making someone rich keeping the prices high, he can probably do anything he wants.

Seth tries to recruit the girl into his flock. He assures her they aren't the kind of church she imagines and gives her some advice. The next time she tries to rob the coop, she should take the hen. Simple economics. And rough up the place, too, to make it look like a fox did it.

Meanwhile, the banker is telling the local general store owner to keep prices where they are for the day, but to pay double for milk one day only.

Farmer Pete gets ready to take in his milk so he can get double the pay. His pregnant wife is bedridden and needs to eat to get well.

Seth arrives at church where his wife tells him he almost looks like a preacher.

His sermon is about Jesus being an outlaw. He was crucified because he took the power away from those in power and gave it to the poor, and that's just what everyone is afraid of now.

Sam stops Pete on his way to deliver his milk. Even Pete didn't know a man with a gun was hiding in the back of his truck, a man who shot Sam through the forehead for impeding Pete.

Trouble's a brewin'!

The man takes Sam's body, hoists it up onto Pete's truck and rides along into town, wiping the blood off of his coat. On the way, there are two men in black klan-type outfits on horses watching them.

Seth is raising a gun in church while talking about Jesus knowing he was at war. Do his parishoners?

There is a hidden bar in the back of the general store, and that's where the man takes Sam's body. He orders a round of whiskey's for everyone there and then props up Sam in a chair. When the men don't jump at the whisky, he threatens they can all join Sam.

Someone rushes to Preacher Seth's side with news of what happened to Sam Riley.

The man is currently toasting to Sam and looking for kin. He finds Preston Riley, Sam's cousin.

A woman named Connie Munn, a private investigator, is in a town of striking miners supposedly on behalf of the governor. She's looking for Seth and names off his aliases. According to her, he murdered her husband in Arkansas.

Preston is suggesting Sam Jr. head out of town. Everyone wonders why. Seth arrives and Preston shares more information. Seth wants to call down a miracle, a moment of God's attention. A revolution.

Amelia is trying to get the Holden Tribune to write stories about the strike they're trying to get to take hold. The reporter is writing what he must to keep his job.

An owner of a speakeasy is assaulting a tied hooch maker. He wants him to double his production. Half to the brothel and half to his speakeasy.

Now he wants the cowboy called.

The brothel runner is checking the cock and balls of a judge so he can get with one of her ladies.

The cowboy wants a girl and room and board for a week. $200 for the lot. He holds up a handkerchief that says "You can't read you rancid whore." Only one girl can do the job he needs. She wants an extra hundred, calls him a cocksucker and cites supply and demand.

Connie is singing an annoying diddlie eye day song, carrying a shotgun loaded picnic basket and picking off fellows discussing the mining strike. She's a deadeye dick. She gets them all shooting each other, smiles, continues singing and strolls away.

Sheriff Donald appears at the whorehouse, and he's the guy who wanted the hooch. He's "sentimental" about the cowboy being with Bessie.

Bessie is reading a letter to the cowboy.

Bessie goes to great lengths to cover for cowboy, stashing the letter, moaning and groaning, rocking the bed and readying the place so she can leave before the Sheriff enters. On her way out of the room, she takes Cowboy's boots and the letter.

The Sheriff is certain he can take care of the farmers himself. Cowboy assures him that if that were true, "they" wouldn't have sent him and suggests the other fellow show himself the door. "They" must be who sent Cowboy the letter.

Amelia is asking Seth about a wound on his chest. They must not have known each other very long. Before they make love, Seth hears something. There is someone outside.

Seth gives Amelia a gun with instructions how to use it. Shoot to kill.

A man is inside the house. He intends to end his preachin' and agitatin' tonight. There are three men. Seth got the guy in a main artery. Some kind of doctor paid them a hundred bucks to be there.

Amelia hears a shot outside. Then she hears footsteps, puts her head to the ground and waits. There is a man outside her bedroom door. Sitting beside the bed, she holds the gun, cocks the trigger and waits for him to try the knob. She shoots and the man drops. She rises and opens the door. A man is down and Seth has just come up the stairs.

Pete tries to give his wife some food. Instead she cries. He goes out for a cigarette on the porch, the cowboy shoots him, leaves the shotgun cartridge behind and a toothpick for evidence.

Sam Jr. is in the middle of the town talking about his father Sam Riley. The Cowboy calls the sheriff's office with his first hand witness account of spotting Sam Jr. on the street with a shotgun on the way to Pete's house.

When he gets back to his room, the cowboy needs whisky. He gives Bessie another hundred, hands her a knife, swills some whisky and asks her to add two more deep cuts under his arm. He's punishing himself and keeping track of his dead.

Seth is overseeing the funeral of Sam Riley. Preacher Seth is getting everyone riled up, but with the witness statement and simple evidence, the Sheriff takes Sam Jr. to jail.

Seth goes to see the Cowboy, who is screwing Bessie. He tells him to get out of town or he'll kill him. The Cowboy tells Bessie the preacher is his little brother.

Amelia is writing under the name of Dr. Samuel T. Hawkins. Connie is polishing her guns. The hour is wrapping up.

Everyone is gathering at the bank at the same time Amelia is helping Seth wash his hands.

Sam Riley's body is hanging like Jesus' across the front door of the bank with a sign around his neck, "Which side are you on?"

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Damnation Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Girl: What are you striking against?
Seth: The American economic system.
Girl [Laughs]: How are you gonna do that?
Seth: By breaking the system's back, one asshole banker at a time.

Girl: How'd you get me off the hook?
Seth: I spoke in parables.
Girl: What?
Seth: I lied.