A Repeat Performance - Dancing With the Stars
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It's the finals! For the first round of the competition, the couples chose a favorite dance to perform again in hopes of getting higher scores the second time.

The three couples in the finals are Noah and Sharna, Riker and Allison, and Rumor and Val.

Noah and Sharna performed their Argentine tango from earlier in the season. They earned a score of 32. Riker and Allison danced their Pirates of the Caribbean themed Paso Doble from Week 5, which got a standing ovation from Len, who called the dance "epic." They earned a perfect score of 40.

Rumer and Val performed their Foxtrot from earlier in the season, and this time around, they got rave reviews from the judges. They earned a perfect score of 40.

For the second round, the couples finally got to dance freestyle.

Noah and Sharna's performance was an emotional one that earned a perfect score of 40. Riker and Allison's freestyle was upbeat and unique, also earning a perfect score. And to end the night, Rumer and Val's freestyle took a different approach that focused on simplicity. They also earned a perfect score of 40 for their routine.

We'll find out the winners tomorrow night, but it looks like it's anybody's game.


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