Uniting Enemies - Dark Matter
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Faced with the prospect of executing Ryo, Two hesitates long enough to be interrupted by a call from Teku, who informs her that he and a fleet of ships filled with Ishida loyalists escaped Zairon and they want their emperor back.

As a show of good faith, he gives the coordinates of the alternate Marauder piloted by Boone, who had previously captured Two. The coordinates leads the crew to Ferrous Corp's massive secret shipyard, Project Phoenix.

They contact Commander Truffaud of Mikkei, who provides them with a white hole device.

Two, Three, and Six pilot the Marauder, equipped with the blink drive, to drop off the white hole device and flee. Unfortunately, the device does not work, and the blink drive is jammed when they try to escape.

They are captured, and Two is separated for questioning about the blink drive. Three and Six, meanwhile, are interrogated by a Ferrous goon and a surprise alt-Wexler, who quickly reveals himself as working for Mikkei.

Wexler frees Three and Six. Six goes for Two, while Three and Wexler overload the jamming field preventing them from jumping. On the way out, however, Three is shot by alt-Portia, who captures him as the others escape.

Two calls upon ships from both Mikkei and Ishida to attack the shipyard while it's vulnerable. But she's secretly been possessed by an interdimensional alien.

As the attack begins, alt-Portia and Three flee in the alternate Marauder.

Possessed-Two suggests they overload the blink drive to destroy the shipyard. Six volunteers to pilot the Marauder in a suicide mission, over Five's objections.

The Android, incapacitated by Possessed-Two, manages to warn Five, but not soon enough to stop Six. Five frees Ryo, who stops Possessed-Two, but the drive detonates, creating a massive interdimensional portal with alien ships pouring through.

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Truffaud: I’ll have to run this by the Board.
Two: ‘The Board’? This isn’t a corporate takeover -- this is *war*!

This is the beginning of a new age.

Possessed Two