Two [about Ryo]: He has things to answer for! He’s a tyrant, a mass-murderer!
Teku: A ruler who had to make hard decisions.
Two: He attacked us, stole from us, and more importantly, he bears some responsibility for the death of our friend.
Three: Not to make this all about me, but he also sent an assassin who tried to kill me. Repeatedly!

Listen, I appreciate you insinuating that I have a rep worth protecting, but I think it’s crazy we’re blindly trusting this guy [Teku]!


Look, kid, I’m all for saving the galaxy, but we’re one ship, and they’re lots… and lots… and lots of ships.


Truffaud: I’ll have to run this by the Board.
Two: ‘The Board’? This isn’t a corporate takeover -- this is *war*!

This is the beginning of a new age.

Possessed Two

Five: He has Two. We have to go!
Three: No, we don’t! Not when there’s an easier and less risky way of getting her back.
Six: We’re not giving him the blink drive!
Three: Why the hell not?! We’ve got two of them! Give him the one that’s fried!

You’re not a cop anymore. Stop trying to police the galaxy. Start thinking about how to save your friend.

Three [to Six]

Ryo Ishida is a lot of things. But he’s not a liar.


Six: You’re psychotic.
Misaki: Says the mass-murderer.

Life presents us with difficult choices, and Ryo has faced his fair share. You may think you know him, but you don’t. Not really.


Five: If you could go back and change things, give up the blink drive in exchange for Nyx--
Two: No. I’m not even answering that.
Five: Why not?
Two: Because there’s no point in playing at “what if”!
Five: That’s *all* we’ve been playing at! ‘What if Ryo gets the blink drive’? ‘What if he fixes it and uses it in ways we don’t agree with’? Meanwhile, real people are getting hurt. Forget theoretical situations, let’s just deal with reality. We want you home. And there’s only one way that’s gonna happen.

Six: There was a time we would’ve risked everything for each other.
Ryo: And I came to you. Asked for your help.
Six: And we would’ve given it. Risked our lives. Not the lives of *others*.

Dark Matter Quotes

Nyx: Okay, okay, I'll come quietly. You don't have to use that thing on me.
Guard: You kidding? [shoots her with a stun gun] It's the highlight of my day.

Oh, and thank you so much for telling me how to do my job. It's greatly appreciated.

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