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As this Christmas episode of Days of Our Lives gets underway, Bo talks Hope down from telling Shawn about Belle's affair, saying Shawn and Belle seem happy. Bo and Hope share a warm toast with friends and family.

Hope (Kristian Alfonso) makes a moving speech about marriage and commitment that isn't lost on Belle. Philip shows up to the party and Belle takes the opportunity to denounce him. You knew it wasn't going to go well.

Stephanie finally tells Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) about her rape but insists they can't tell Steve. Meanwhile, Steve assures Max that Steph likes him and confesses he set up her job at the Cheatin' Heart to be near him.

Chloe confesses to Philip that she's in trouble and needs help. She goes to see Marlena, who blasts her for hiding the truth about Brady. Chloe tries to cover, but Roman has talked to the Vienna police and reveals they found signs of foul play in Chloe and Brady's apartment. Until next time...

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