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Lucas assures Kate that Chloe has had no second thoughts about being a donor for her though he does mention how nervous she was after Daniel examined her.

Chloe is cool to him when Daniel approaches her about signing the forms for the bone marrow transplant.

When he presses her about her blood pressure, she snaps at him just as Lucas arrives. After Daniel leaves, Chloe complains to Lucas.

Melanie tries to point out to Philip that Stephanie is late for work but Stephanie explains she doesn't come in until 10.

Hearing someone's out sick, Stephanie assures Philip that she and Melanie will get her work done. But when Philip leaves, Melanie warns Stephanie that she doesn't take orders from her.

Kayla stops by with Stephanie's wallet and while they talk with Philip, Melanie takes a peek at the contents of the wallet.

She later complains to her boss about Stephanie leaving to get coffee.

Philip defends Stephanie. Later, Melanie locks Stephanie inside the office storage vault. Chelsea gives Melanie a hard time when she stops by to see Philip.

As Stephanie screams for help, Philip surprises her and admits he's locked in too. Sasha and Melanie return to the vault and realize who is inside. Chelsea suggests they call 911.

Melanie gets the door open just as Stephanie and Philip are about to kiss. Marlena greets Charlotte when she arrives for her first day of work.

After John arrives as her first patient, Marlena's not pleased when she hears laughing coming from inside Charlotte's office.

When they're done, John tells Marlena he's going to keep coming back.

When Marlena hints to Kayla that she's not sure about Charlotte's abilities, Kayla accuses her of being jealous.

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