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Tony complains they did not invite him on the business trip to Argentina. Stefano claims he's doing this to show him he doesn't need him anymore.

Catching Philip and Stephanie in the vault before they can kiss, Melanie feigns concern for her rival.

Philip sends Melanie back to work and invites Stephanie to go home after her shattering experience.

Stephanie leaves but sticks around long enough to hear Melanie assure Philip that she has finished the presentation notes he needed.

Stephanie insists that's impossible, but when Melanie shows off her work, Phillip suggests both of them take the rest of the day off.

Alone with Philip, Stephanie warns him that Melanie may have been the person who locked them in the vault. He wonders what would have happened in the vault if Melanie hadn't opened it when she did.

Meanwhile, Melanie complains to Max about Stephanie trying to woo Philip to her side and urges him to go after Stephanie.

He guesses she wants Philip all to herself but she denies it. Sami badgers Rafe into shopping for her for the holidays and assigns him to get "the laughing penguin" toy for Will.

After he leaves, Hilda points out she failed to tell Rafe the popular toy is sold out. E.J. surprises Nicole with a gift.

Tony interrupts and warns E.J. about allowing Stefano to teach him to run the family business. He urges him to beware of their father.

Stefano tries to chat with Lexie at the hospital but she wants nothing to do with him. Brady is with Nicole when she meets Kelly who wants to give up her unborn baby for adoption.

Nicole offers her money to take care of herself and the baby but Brady follows the stranger back to the Cheatin' Heart where he finds her ordering a drink.

As he confronts her about her con game, Nicole finds them together. The assassin gets a lead on Rafe and, during a fight, stabs him.

Sami calls Sister Teresa. Bo's unconscious after he falls off a ladder while decorating the Christmas tree.

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