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Kelly spots Nicole and complains about Brady bothering her. Nicole then blasts Brady but he demands a photo of the man she says impregnated her.

When she hands one over, he guesses it's a fake and vows to find proof she's lying. Caught, Kelly removes her pregnancy pillow and admits that she was playing them.

Nicole is outraged as Kelly runs out but then defends her own scam because "she's doing it for love."

E.J. lectures Lexie about turning to Stefano to protect her husband.

Lexie points out that Stefano's the only person she knew who could help her but adds that she couldn't take it if she knew he was responsible for killing the mayor.

E.J. admits he stays close with his father so he can protect his family from him. Abe interrupts with Theo. Later, E.J. apologizes to her.

As she waits anxiously for Rafe to return, Sami questions Hilda about the man's personal life and asks if he's married.

Having been stabbed by the assassin, Rafe refuses to tell his attacker where Sami is. Rafe then tosses the man off him but he responds with a swift knee.

Rafe is unable to stop the knife man from escaping.

He staggers back to the safe house with the toy Sami requested.

Sami is concerned to see him stumble in and then screams when she sees the blood from his knife wound. Refusing to let her take him to the hospital, Rafe orders her to stitch him up.

She plies him with whiskey so she can do the sewing and afterwards, a tipsy Rafe warns her that E.J. has moved on.

At the hospital Kayla examines Bo after his fall from the ladder while trimming the Christmas tree and gives him some advice.

Hope is surprised later when Bo is able to predict where the tree topper star landed. He then worries as he hears a child scream.

Nicole panics when E.J. tries to feel her stomach but then excuses her nervousness as a concern about having sex.

He offers to put off sex until after the baby is born. Nicole then calls Brady and vows to get a baby, with or without his help.

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